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Audition duet with my mum Uploaded 5mo+25dy ago by sweetie

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sweetie   commented 5mo+25dy ago

Thank you for inviting me to sing on your song. I really like it a lot!


leesharp   commented 5mo+25dy ago

Wow Emily thank you for taking the time to sing on this. It sounds truely amazing. I can't wait to get the seps and have a go at mixing it. Christine thank you also, it means a lot to us both. I'm off for another listen.

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Scottyv   commented 5mo+25dy ago

Wow ladies really beautiful job!! really brings it full circle~ so good to hear your vocals again Ms. Sweetie and of course always brilliant!! scotty

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NicolaOffidani   commented 5mo+24dy ago

Beautiful song Lee and .... Emily.....what a beauty and tender interpretation .... A question: How was possible to invite Emily if invitation was disabled in her profile? :)


leesharp   commented 5mo+24dy ago

Thanks guys. Great job I must admit from mum and daughter. I have a friend who has a friend who is the friend of another friend. It was complicated.

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NicolaOffidani   commented 5mo+24dy ago

Ehehehe.... As Italian I know very well how much it's complicated. :) So....... next time I need to invite Emily I will ask you. lol

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ecopunk   commented 5mo+24dy ago

Amazing, thank you both - this is brilliant! What a winning combo. We are honoured to have you on board.