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guitar idea 1a Uploaded 12 months ago by Breathtax

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Breathtax   commented 12 months ago

hi nige, i had another pass on it to try and tidy it up a bit..i still played over the edge :) ...i think the drums finish a bit early..i was playing along to the duration of sections in my head and also following your drums..i think it goes a bit awry halfway through (i left one section a bit short) as i followed the drums but was torn between the two because i knew for it to flow i had to go back to my head counting. i uploaded both the seps from idea 1 and this one idea 1a (named because its more of an iteration than a new idea)

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Gemini   commented 12 months ago

Marvellous thanks! You are always free to edit and change/lengthen the drums to suit your vision of how things should go. Don't ever feel limited by my strange arrangement quirks :) Thanks a lot for all the seps!