Good Night Electric Blues

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 13 days ago

LAST CALL BLUES song lyrics by Joel Sattler been here all night and half the morn but there comes a time bartenders warn it's time to leave end of the show one final drink and you must go just turn the lights and pack it up leave while you're not too far in the cups last call last call and that is all go now before you have to crawl good night good night you got it right don't have to swear don't have to fight your bed at home is nice and soft get out of here and sleep it off a man alone he needs a bone aint got no reason to go back home no woman's worth this kinda pain don't need a reason to explain we understand but the time has come just pay your bill what's done is done last call last call good night good night the sun is coming up all right tomorrow is another day the band will be back here to play don't fight the bouncer do nothing rash come back tomorrow with cold hard cash good night good night good night good night just go to bed go to bed sleep tight sleep tight pray the Lord your soul to keep and go to sleep just go to sleep and if you die before you wake just tell Saint Pete it's all a mistake ==================

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 13 days ago

feel free to make whatever changes you want