Insomnia Alternative

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Insomnia Ideas 1a Uploaded 5mo+15dy ago by TheOther

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TheOther   commented 5mo+15dy ago

Hi James. This is a mix with 3 different synth parts added - hopefully you can make it out, if not I can upload all the seps. The other demo (1b) is the same thing with an additional string part near the end. I probably got off track a little in the last section... :) Let me know if any of it works for you. Thanks for the listen.

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hopeflguy2112   commented 5mo+14dy ago

WOW!! That is really cool! Now, I am going to remix the original scratch demo, re-arrange things, add a load of fx, and maybe we can do some panning with the synths, so they come through, but with some really dynamic fx and such. What do you think? I will upload the remix, and maybe, if you don't mind, upload the synths as a sep? Let me know what you think. :)

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TheOther   commented 5mo+14dy ago

Sounds like a plan ! I will upload my stuff sometime later today, thanks.