DRUMS05DEC19 Classic Rock

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guitar idea var 2 Uploaded 1mo+17dy ago by Breathtax

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Gemini   commented 1mo+18dy ago

Great couple of live jams thanks Ben! Hard to choose but I think number 2 has it by a hair :)


Breathtax   commented 1mo+17dy ago

thanks nigel...yeah i quite like the process of "not songwriting" in the early stage..just following my nose as the track plays....it can yield things i don't think i could ever sit down and write consciously. variation 2 WAS a bit of refinement of var 1 so its my favourite of the two aswell. are you okay with me doing this on your tracks..these bare drum tracks are like a honey pot for me :) did you have anything in mind re: sound in your head for possible direction/any direction you might offer?

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Gemini   commented 1mo+17dy ago

I give you "carte blanche" to do anything you like with my drums. Your stuff is always tasteful and much appreciated.


Breathtax   commented 1mo+17dy ago

oh, thankyou very much.

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Mr_Sinister   commented 1mo+17dy ago

...good work, Ben !