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Forever Acoustic Guitar Picking Ver2 Uploaded 8mo+14dy ago by Treid

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Treid   commented 8mo+14dy ago

Sorry this took me forever to record! I figured out the chord which was wrong in the bridge! I was playing minor and its supposed to be major DUH! I know what you mean about the intonation being a little strange. I tried it without using a capo so let know if it still sounds bad.

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classicrock   commented 8mo+11dy ago

Excellent Treid! Just uploaded the mix.

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Treid   commented 8mo+11dy ago

Are you sure? I ended up tuning the high E string slightly sharp in the chorus and slightly flat in the verse. I know thats the same thing that happened at the "Black and White" Recording with MJ. If you need ANYTHING. don't hesitate to say!

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classicrock   commented 8mo+11dy ago

Hey Treid, I think it sounds great, how about you?