Save Me Rock

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SAVE ME with DRUMS V3 Uploaded 2mo+14dy ago by dwfreak

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dwfreak   commented 2mo+14dy ago

Hi friend. Re did my home work and was off a millisecond but this one should be spot on. Thing is that you need a sync tone for start so all of us can synchronize with all ;-) I deleted the 2 others versions cause they were work less. I work with several microphones but for the purpose of Kompoz I try to compress in 8 or 9 seps max. Save works and doing good for the projects, I am also selective on who I send all seps because of time consuming and this is actually a hobby who is part of my real life if you get the picture. Anyhow feel free to ring my bell and if not it is all good. BTW this newbie uploaded a drum take that is also pretty good so all the best for the song my friend. Cheers. Chris.

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Jareichow   commented 2mo+14dy ago

THANKS again! This is a great track. The others were great too, but I did notice more precision on this one. You and Trey are challenging me on this decision. I understand the work in uploading seps...especially on drums. Would you mind uploading a stereo drum stem mix? This way I can load in DAW and A/B and all that jazz.

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dwfreak   commented 2mo+14dy ago

You got it my friend, on the way ;-) Cheers. Chris.

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skarlun   commented 2mo+14dy ago

Great work. If you Get this drum track properly mixed in with the other track it will be great!!!! Cool. Starting to shape pretty well this track :-)