I Should Have Known (Sela Version) Pop

  Spin-off   Spun by NajibNJBZX



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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- NajibNJBZX
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Creative Brief

This song is open for Spin-Off. Please check the original project. 

I love this song so much and actually wanna finish it!

I'm sad that LeeLee Holleigh Braun isn't that active anymore and VonNeumannStraBe/Victor_HP Alberto P left kompoz


Please check the new corrected lyric on Songwriting-Lyrics


Instruments need for this song

- Piano

- Rhodes

- Lead-Guitar

- brass or strings 


song structure

0:00 intro

0:17 verse

0:34 chorus

0:51 verse 2

1:08 oh oh yeah yeah

1:25 solo

1:42 chorus

1:58 breakdown

2:15 chorus 2


- Original Description -

I made this very short song demo, to which Holleigh Braun kindly added her lyrics and vocals.

Najib joined and kindly offered his collaboration with a new mix and some nice guitar fills.

The final touch from Raul's drums really made the difference!


Chord Chart:


G# ..  Cm7 .. C# .. Ebsus4 ..

G# ..  Cm7 .. C# .. Ebsus4 ..

CHORUS 1 (8 bars)

Cm7 .... Fm7 .... Bbm7 .... Eb9 ....

Cm7 .... F9 ....  Bbm7 .... Eb7b9 .. Eb ..


Music by Victor_HP - Lyrics & Vocals by Holleigh Braun

Additional Information

Genre Pop Key A flat major BPM 114.0

Collaboration started December 10, 2019 by NajibNJBZX
Last upload 5mo+14dy ago

Copyright Information

Initial Copyright Statement:

Copyright © 2019 by NajibNJBZX, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Dec 10, 2019

Copyright Sharing Statement:

The owner has not yet declared how copyright will be shared with the other collaborators.

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NajibNJBZX Najib Razak
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JeanLui JeanL T
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kman Andreas Thiele
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TSTstudios Tommy Hellsten
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