Hope So Alternative

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mix 2020 01 26 Uploaded 2mo+25dy ago by MechanicalCreep

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MechanicalCreep   commented 2mo+23dy ago

Ok, modifications to this version: I agree the delay was too pronounced for the bamamamabananam, so I gated it to only kick in at the end of each phrase so that it doesn't muddle with the meat of the line. Slightly different EQ for the final "hope so" in the higher register of the main vocal melody - it stood out to me as a little harsh in the last mix Some volume automation on the drums to add a little more dynamics between the last verse and the outro. I think this is starting to sound good, but let me know what you think.

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ipft   commented 2mo+23dy ago

Aud-gasmic! Just thinking whether we need the odd quirky "Hope So" here and there in the outro (2:45 onwards), sped up/down, transposed to different key etc. Alternatively I am hearing a massive choir (male and female) of oohs and aaahhhhs... Really epic mix and sounding very professional. I'm impressed ;-)

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MechanicalCreep   commented 2mo+23dy ago

I like the contrast of the descending part at the end with the one in the middle with the "bamam..." so I would be hesitant to add more there. I could see some background "I hope so's" from like 3:15 onward working