Solitary Nature ( Instrumental ) Alternative

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Electric Piano - very simple, to check tone and approach Uploaded 3mo+17dy ago by DonBerry

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DonBerry   commented 3mo+17dy ago

Hello Jeff, I made this EP contribution. It's very simple as the guitar and fiddle are just gorgeous and I thought it better to stay out of the way (or, referring to Tom Waits - the EP has been drinking). Thanks for listing the chords although they seemed scary, it was a real help. Although I'm not convinced I got the chord sequence right in Section B (0:28-0:50). This is just a first pass; I'm happy to modify it if you want (talk to me in bars though) Don


DonBerry   commented 3mo+17dy ago

Oh - and not forgetting the harp! The mix I had didn't have it...

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jubal   commented 3mo+17dy ago

Hi Don...I just uploaded a mix with your keys added in...they fit very well with the feel of the song. Thanks for noticing this tune and rendering this fine piano track...I notice you're new to Kompoz...its a lot of fun...WELCOME!