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When Guitar Uploaded 4mo+9dy ago by Treid

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mitchell23   commented 4mo+6dy ago

I just got back from a trip. Your guitar work in wonderful.

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Treid   commented 4mo+6dy ago

Cheers for the kind words William, Recently Neo-Soul guitar is very popular among modern young guitarists. It`s not my forte but I thought I would try my hand at that style over you chord progressions. Feel free to use/not use and of it! You can cut and edit it to if you like. All the best, Timothy

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mitchell23   commented 4mo+5dy ago

I will use it, just wondering how. I'm just an old guy trying to stay active and I don't know much about music production. I may do some studying on how to improve layout of the song. Thanks again and I will add you to the collaboration.

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Treid   commented 4mo+5dy ago

Staying active is key mate. Well dont push yourself too hard, Im sure it will sound great whatever

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rthavard   commented 3mo+7dy ago

This is really nice! Silk!!!!

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mitchell23   commented 3mo+6dy ago

Would you consider adding the keyboard part to the song?