Ponders (Lyric) Southern Rock

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Rough idea Ponder mix 2 Uploaded 7 days ago by Eightftsq

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Eightftsq   commented 3mo+17dy ago

Hi, This song caught my ear. Here's my interpretation of your melody. Hope you like it!

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ShannonB   commented 1mo+27dy ago

Hi! I'm just checking in. I love it, please continue. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, and thank you so much! I'll be back full-swing Sept. 1,but if I miss something, please message me! :)


Eightftsq   commented 1mo+27dy ago

Hi Shannon, Glad you liked it. I'll start working a full version when I get a chance. No worriers about the delayed response. I saw that you were going to be away with real life for a while 😊Check in whenever you get a chance- Frank


Eightftsq   commented 8 days ago

Hi Shannon, Just uploaded a rough arrangement with scratch tracks for you to listen to. I added a middle section that I feel can be a bridge if you have any ideas, or maybe a violin/fiddle melody lead thing. I tried putting a lead guitar there but it didn't feel right. Maybe you want to open this up for uploads? Let me know whenever you get a chance