Waiting Time Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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Waiting Time 251219 Uploaded 7mo+2dy ago by eronneb

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eronneb   commented 7mo+2dy ago

I had some fun with this tune. I can upload separate tracks when I have a "plus" account. The guitars in the initial demo were separate midi sampled guitars and the delays play a crucial role here. I tried to put down a "playable" guitar part that could be performed live. I added a bass line. Bars 36-44 are really tricky! The drums are just a "logic pro drummer" loop to have some basic groove. But I could add some actual drum parts with my Alesis Drumset. Cheers!

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peterrand   commented 7mo+2dy ago

Thanks Eronne - and welcome to Kompoz! Hope you have fun here. Nice work - takes it in a new direction. Looking forward to any more you have - when you have time and a plus account could you upload seps please? Also I haven't looked to see which bit 36-44 are yet but I think I know..

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BKWilliamson   commented 6mo+29dy ago

WOW !!!! This is Fantastic guys !!!! Peter I think this lyric might fit much better in this tune rather than 33. What you guys think ??? **************************************************** It?s Like That © 1/11/2020 All Rights Reserved Lyrics by: BK Williamson It?s called lovin? now can?t you see She can?t see that but she can see me No one can tell you how to be free If you don?t see that you better, let it be Chorus: I said no one can make you see that?s a fact No one is gonna set you free it?s like that Nobody?s gonna light your way in the night No one is gonna take your place in the fight Well the teacher gonna teach you how to go far An? every mother?s son is a shooting star Got you drivin? in circles in your Jaguar while the Xanax hides your emotional scars Chorus: ======= An? it?s one, two, three gonna jump right in You can?t deny your original sin It?s what you are an? not where you been So why take the blame for your so-called friends Chorus: ======= And WELCOME Eronne !!

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peterrand   commented 6mo+21dy ago

Thanks Bryan - sorry I missed this ! Have uploaded a new version with everyone's additions hopefully included and in the right places.