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I Remember Uploaded 1mo+21dy ago by Domino

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Domino   commented 1mo+21dy ago

Unmastered attempt at mix of these great tracks. Feedback welcomed.

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Treid   commented 1mo+20dy ago

Hey Domino, Thanks a lot for putting time and effort into this! It sounds good but I uploaded the seps with no volume automation so it needs a lot of volume automation too. Its a nice sound you have going though

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Domino   commented 1mo+20dy ago

Yeah. I suck at fader riding with a mouse though, and this would benefit from better riding than I can edit in. I do have an X Touch One on order, but there's no UK stock at the moment and last I heard it'll be a few weeks before it gets here :( If the activity doesn't draw in a better mixer to do the job (which was my intent in doing a mix), I'll have a go when it arrives.

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Treid   commented 1mo+19dy ago

Yeah im exactly the same. I spend hours drawing lines with the mouse... I can't wait to hear what you can do when it arrives!

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antonklinkt   commented 1mo+19dy ago


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antonklinkt   commented 1mo+19dy ago

Sorry, had to barge in here. Nothing beats riding a fader than an actual fader.