LULLABY DREAMS (dedicated to Mykk, ft. Bernd & Sriracha) Rock

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Creative Brief

Dedicated to Mykk..

I haven't been on here much lately and the news of Mykk's passing came to me recently.  Just over a year ago Mykk PM'd me and requested some lyrics for a piano piece he was working on.  It was a very nice and sweet piece at that, but, Mykk being Mykk wanted something dark and macabre and he knew I liked to write on the darker side.  He wanted it titled "Lullaby Dreams"  So I threw him a chorus and a few verses to build around, he was like "yes, yes, yes" and then I didn't hear back from him, then I disappeared.  So now, I at last pop in every so often and that's when I found out about Mykk.  I am truly, truly sad.  On his first day here, I gave him some advice not to worry, to keep plugging and people will begin to notice him and his many talents.  He was indeed a great talent and visionary.  One of the nicest persons on this format that I have had the pleasure of conversation with. I am sure we all miss him and his contributions..... I have what was to be a lyric and made it into a poem, as I always do.  


Please feel free to edit, massage or otherwise use to your discretion.


LULLABY DREAMS (dedicated to Mykk)


When the darkness calls

From the corpse of his thought

Oh, the carnage he weaves 

In his Lullaby dreams 


Sick minds do speak in time


It's not with words

That you hear

It's with everything else

That you fear


Watching and waiting

With a click and a clatter

To speak his mind

With the AK chatter


We are the lambs

For which he thrashes

When he speaks his mind, and

His dreams become active


Feed and fodder

We are his meat

When his obscene appetite

Needs to feed


As wine from the goblet

We are the blood

For which he seeks

When his immoral thirst

Craves a drink


Giving his ruination 

When his desire is ripe

Not nary a word

Just aim, shoot and die


You'll never see him coming

You can't outrun the fear

Life to him is cheap

Killing everything you hold dear




When the darkness calls

And the corpses scream

Oh, the carnage he weaves

In his lullaby dreams


In his lullaby dreams


Words by:  Jodeen Hoskins

Inspired to be written by Mykk





How many long years

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Genre Rock

Collaboration started December 31, 2019 by Jodeenshead
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