Throw The Towel In Britpop

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Click The Kray Twins Mix 1 14 Uploaded 6mo+6dy ago by MikeyMojo

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MikeyMojo   commented 7 months ago

Here is a quick rough mix with Tim H. guitar. Also the other Tim I put your electric back in on the chorus only and duplicated hard left and right.. Left is a rotary effect and some heavy phaser on the right... still playing with that to get it right. Any thoughts?

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MikeyMojo   commented 7 months ago

I will work on more of the uneffected guitar in the chorus. The phaser is too washy i think

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Treid   commented 7 months ago

Hey Mikey, Sounds great! Tim H. thats a blistering solo for a britpop track! Digging that backward wired pickup harmonic sound. Very Bret Garsed!

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bcstudios   commented 7 months ago

Very cool..Along the lines of ARS meets steely Dan..