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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- Stjray
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Creative Brief


Cool 2020 project on Kompoz! '' The game of Harmonic Notes ''

- First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year 2020 full of pleasant surprises ...



I take this opportunity to offer all Kompozers a game that everyone here on Kompoz could collaborate without exception ... No matter their difference in taste in music ... (Classic, Metal, Rock, Jazz,. ..) and / or their difference in level of experience ... (beginner, amateur, professional) ...


The basic rule of this project is simple, it boils down to building from a few harmonic notes (which can be found in the audio file here called 'The game of harmonic notes') ...


It is about a unifying project (without competition, even if groups will form systematically).


For my part, I commit myself with the help of others here, to make a coordination and possibly to make a video clip in tribute to the participants! :)


There is an expression that says: "A photo is worth a thousand words" ...

It is not the first time that I have proposed this project idea and the tribute video below will give you an overview of what we could do together here on Kompoz.

The music for the video in question here

by StjRay ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UqbzO3_RQw&feature=youtu.be )

is an assemblage of extracts from the audio tracks which were proposed by the collaborators of another site similar to Kompoz.

At the 55th second you will hear the beginning of the harmonic notes in question here and at 3: 10min you will hear the start of a musical structure already proposed here on Kompoz

by Timy (title: '' A New Horizon '' https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/975941 )


Take note that this is not an advertisement for another musical site and that the intention of the project is not to compete against other sites, but simply a way of having fun here between us' Kompozers' on www.Kompoz.com


Pending the continuation of your reactions, I remain at your disposal to answer your questions,

My greetings to all \o/



ADDADUM Saturday January 04, 2020

As I go along, I will create new groups ...

It should be noted that the style is not reserved for the Rock style but on the contrary, it is you decide ...

For example, for the first group here on Kompoz.com, Timy's first collaboration was now chosen ... and the following group (No2) was then opened (with harmonic notes only) ... In a group, someone could decide to work alone and do everything himself (Drum or not, bass, guit., Keys, ...) whatever, it's free for everyone, as long as the idea of ​​the game is respected ...

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. // Ray

Additional Information

Genre Rock Key Amin BPM 70.0

Collaboration started January 1, 2020 by Stjray
Last upload 11 months ago

Copyright Information

Initial Copyright Statement:

Copyright © 2020 by Stjray, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Jan 1, 2020

Copyright Sharing Statement:

Stjray has declared the following Composition and Sound Recording copyright intentions for this collaboration, when completed:

Composition: Equally with other collaborators
Sound Recording: Equally with other collaborators
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Stjray Ray James
Montréal Quebec Canada
Timy Tim James
Montréal Quebec Canada
DrumTorque Pepino Lorenzo
Guadalajara Mexico
JenCarie Jennifer Carie
Indiana USA
RGBass Rob Glass
Vancouver BC Canada