Notions (163) Alan & Floyd influanced Adult Contemporary

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Mix Notions (163) with vocals (compressed version) Uploaded 5mo+3dy ago by Lift

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Lift   commented 5mo+5dy ago

Took a stab at all the vocals, thoughts? (felt that this came quite well for a first full attempt and quite enjoy the bridge) Also: - minor volumes tweaks concerning the instruments between themselves and the overall balance with the vocals - lifted up the solo synths in the bridge (more upfront)

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WhiteDrum55   commented 5mo+4dy ago


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silverhealer   commented 5mo+4dy ago

It sounds like this is really coming together. Liked the vocals. They fit well. The mix is quite heavily compressed - if you back that off a little the vocals might breathe better. I'd be pleased to have a go myself, but there are no seps! I've been heavily involved in mixing for people recently, to the detriment of my bass playing...