Lemon Grove (Lyric) Southern Rock

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LooknGlass   commented 8mo+21dy ago

Can be edited for preference Lemon Grove (Vs) Oh I named her Jen, way back when I bought her in 82. Her strings were gone, but not for long, I gave her Dean Markley Blues Oh what stories we have wove Me and my good ole Lemon Grove (Vs) When I joined the band, in my hand she would talk until last call. At our home bar we were the star even though the pay was small Oh I didn't need a treasure trove Just my trusty ole Lemon Grove (Bridge) As word got around, we got around; farther and farther away from our home town. Bigger gigs and venues for us to play, meant the less time we would have at home to stay. And on those lonely nights we drove I would strum my ole Lemon Grove (End Chorus) My Lemon Grove, my Lemon Grove My best friend, my 710 My Lemon Grove, my Lemon Grove It's time to make some fans again My Lemon Grove, my Lemon Grove © L. James Tanner


LimberTwig   commented 7mo+16dy ago

`I like this James. Think something like this might work for it. https://soundcloud.com/opabobby-1/hye-texas-draft?in=opabobby-1/sets/work-in-progress-2020


LooknGlass   commented 7mo+16dy ago

Thanks Bobby. I'm at work right now, but I'll give it a listen when I get off and get home.Ttys