Inspiration Vs Perspiration Metal

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Inspiration Vs Persperation Lead Guitar Uploaded 10mo+11dy ago by Treid

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Timy   commented 10mo+11dy ago

I love the sound and the performance ... this afternoon I'm going to put your track in my sequencer to listen to a mix. Thanks for the interest ...


Timy   commented 10mo+11dy ago

Okay, I'm new here and I don't know all the usual procedures ... But I would like to work with you on the lead guitar of this tune. Q1) Are you open to the idea of ​​making the necessary modifications later depending on the singer? Q2) Do you have any idea of ​​lead guitar in the final portion? Thank you,

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Treid   commented 10mo+11dy ago

1: Yeah I will to change/arrange it, 2: This song reminded me of `The Police` or `Whitenskae` more than a metal track so I think a shred guitar solo would be out of place. Something more bluesy/Ballady as I referenced in the demo might work though!


Timy   commented 10mo+11dy ago

Your sound is perfect and I trust you for the performance!