Inspiration Vs Perspiration Metal

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Inspiration vs Perspiration sri playthru Uploaded 10mo+9dy ago by sriracha

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sriracha   commented 10mo+9dy ago

heya - as part of practicing I like to play along with stuff and this one was up on my screen and it was fun to play to. I see you have Tim on board so this is sorta just for fun on my part, but if you guys would like any of it, let me know. Cheers.

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Treid   commented 10mo+8dy ago

Great tone and phrasing Billy!


Timy   commented 10mo+8dy ago

Thank you Billy for the idea ... but yes Tim already proposed an idea that I immediately liked ... I will continue with him for this tune ...

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sriracha   commented 10mo+8dy ago

No worries and thanks for the listen. :) Looking forward to hearing how this one turns out.


Timy   commented 10mo+8dy ago

Thanks to you