Dead By Sunrise Arena Rock

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Dead by sunrise with drums by Benny - demo mix Uploaded 2mo+26dy ago by BennySawdust

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Treid   commented 2mo+26dy ago

Great playing Benny, Good work on catching all those little upbeats!

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BennySawdust   commented 2mo+26dy ago

Thanks! I'm glad you like it! I'll upload separate tracks soon, so you can make a proper mix.

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ipft   commented 2mo+24dy ago

Good stuff Benny, please upload a drum stem and I will drop it in the mix with warts and all to see how things sound. Cheers bud.

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BennySawdust   commented 2mo+22dy ago

I've uploaded the drums as four tracks to give you good control over the volume ratios and amount of reverb. The tracks are premixed with gate, EQ, compression and panning and shouldn't need much more work except for reverb. I have also gone through the material again and chosen different takes with less timing inaccuracy here and there. :-)

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ipft   commented 2mo+21dy ago

Great stuff, thanks Benny much appreciated. I'll add to the mix and upload a new version in a min.