Never too late Contemporary Blues

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Never too late organ mix Uploaded 10mo+10dy ago by sloppy

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sloppy   commented 10mo+10dy ago

Folks, here's my go at an organ part for this (just seen Scotty's post that he preferred piano doh!). Let me know what you think, anyway...


Okobox   commented 10mo+8dy ago

Nice with the additionnal organ and sax : )

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Scottyv   commented 10mo+10dy ago

Sounds good Tim! don't mind me...I am just a word guy :o) With Olivia's wonderful vocal anything sounds good!

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Stjray   commented 10mo+10dy ago

Question: Scottyv / 'ScottyV alias Scott Villnuve' wrote the text ... / What is the main difference with 'captainhook alias ScottyV'?

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Scottyv   commented 10mo+9dy ago

in the past when you closed your account could not i had to create a second i have many projects in both accounts...made more sense to keep both open ;o)