Funeral procession Blues-Rock

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Funeral Improv Guitar Uploaded 10mo+7dy ago by Treid

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Treid   commented 10mo+7dy ago

Hey Tim, I was super busy tonight and the dog wouldn't leave me alone. So, I just did some improv over you track and here it is. It isn't the tone you requested... but I thought it worked with a slightly cleaner sound. If there is something you like maybe we can build on that . All the best! Timothy


Timy   commented 10mo+6dy ago

Hi, I just listened to your idea ... you really have a superb fingering and I must say that I do not have half of your talent to improvise! :-) It is true that this is not the tone that I had in mind but I recognize that here I like a lot ... Ok, good idea to build on this while waiting for the vocal timbre of the singer .. By the way, do you know a singer who might be interested in this kind of tune? Thanks again to you, Tim

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Treid   commented 10mo+5dy ago

Vocalist would be great but how about making it nice and easy for a vocalist to get involved. Can you upload a Tempo/Key & basic idea of a structure for a vocalist. for example: verse 0:50-1:20 Pre-Chorus 1:20 - 1:45


Timy   commented 10mo+5dy ago

Very good idea Thanks for the suggestion ...