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FuturaFalls   commented 2mo+21dy ago

Ian, So here's about version 17 of this chord progression, felt like changing the beat the least while switching to real drums was just more subtle but open to talk about this change and how good or not good it is after we hear if it supports a good Vocal Melody and continues to push this story forward. After your verse, and how direct is what about death, it pushed this a little closer to a main idea, but I want to share it with you = the defining of this story, so if you get a thought or your PreChorus writing pushes it one way or another, I'm open to that.....but for me the thought was a New City, built on the bones of the Old City and it's kind of been on my mind for awhile, but thinkin' about our Countries, America is just a baby 250 years or so....but your country has thousands of years of something getting built, then one little thing at a time - gets torn down and something new goes up until it's pretty much New OR a war comes in, or a Flood, or Fires burn half of it down, etc. etc. So, if you dig it and somethin' good happens, good = if you don't and nothin' good is happenin', No worries, I'll keep after different ideas and iterations until something great does happen. Also if you vocally had a way to express where a song COULD go after a given part, for example after this PreChorus, where a song would go, either based on what you wanna do vocally OR based on bands and specific songs and parts of songs you love and could communicate that = Like this "Collective Soul - Shine, that "Come on and shine, [guitar part ] Yeah, [guitar part] Yeah... or identifying just identifying minutes and seconds in a song where something cool happens you'd like to use a basis for a specific part in what we're workin' on. Interested in that? or that kind of writing sounds like a lot of work? Phil

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ipft   commented 2mo+21dy ago

Hey Phil. I didn't get a chance to do any vocals this weekend, but will have a ponder over this. The whole death thing can go in lots of directions (not intentionally going down that path) and the music is actually quite uplifting, so the misery/depression will be blown away with the epic chorus we're building up to. So the whole rebirth/rebuild/replace/fix/restore thing works for me. As for direction/inspiration, try these: Silent breaks and dynamics: Seemingly improvised guitars/tempo increases: Lyric and Melodic syncopation: Riffs: Film score sounds: Loops: Breakdown: Groove: Uplift/Dynamics: Cheers Ian