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FF NewDanceRockTry 1stChorusTry 2020Feb04 100bpm Uploaded 1mo+25dy ago by FuturaFalls

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FuturaFalls   commented 1mo+25dy ago

W'sup Ian, So here's the first thing that came out, First wanted to boost your vox on the PreChorus and make it a bit bigger than the verses, sounds pretty good, reminds me of Tears For Fears a bit (ain't hatin' that, for sure, ridiculous number of hits!)....On the Chorus, came out a little dark and Alice In Chains-ish = Not my fav, unless you dig it, but this is part of my process, explorin' the different musical (underlying chords, rhythm) and lyrical ways to get to the main idea. I'm gonna do 2 more iterations, then let you pick which one works best and we'll rework that together. For this one, IF YOU DIG IT, would like you to see if you hear anything (for your vox) in between my vox, maybe like a call and answer OR an alternative point of view, maybe an underlying story. IF YOU DON'T DIG IT, no worries, they'll be 2 more versions pretty quick. Hope you're stayin' Corona-Virus Free over there.... /R Phil

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ipft   commented 1mo+25dy ago

I like some of your work here Phil, just need to be careful to make sure all the sections blend together and not sound like three different songs mushed together (if that makes sense). I'd suggest drum fill/bass run/synth to do that. Track grooves really well up to 1:36 when the second part kicks in. The second part I also really like as it's very ethereal/floaty. The new third part at 2:15 sounds very Nirvana which again I like, so maybe just needs some tweaks/different beat/half time/panning/toms rather than hats and splashes. For the call/answer happy to try stuff defo. Take it that's between 2:16 to 2:53 and 3:32 to outro? Keeping it real bud ;-)