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FF NewDanceRockTry 4thChorusTryLowerBassOutro 2020Feb06 100bpm Uploaded 1mo+23dy ago by FuturaFalls

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FuturaFalls   commented 1mo+23dy ago

Hey Man, Enjoyed your thoughts on the songwriting aspect, connecting things a bit more smoothly, and I'm admitting here that I'd like to try some new ideas in the songwriting department, NOT the tried and true, been done and over done = at the same time, it's gotta sound cohesive, so hopefully you'll stick around and help keep this kind of New but based in the old, balanced. Agree, the verse beginning is good, and PreChorus has that uplift/ethereal effect, boosting it, and now hopefully this part, which is musically continuing to go up (in scale), but now the message becomes very pronounced lyrically and I wanted it to truly stand out, so a megaphone preacher/carnival barker is where it ended up, with the outro allowing a kind of calm down....sounds a little like Muse, has that dance kind of cadence to it Gimme your thoughts on this piece and I'll listen a good deal more to whole thing myself and we'll see what comes out of that.

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ipft   commented 1mo+23dy ago

Thanks bud. For me the newish/novel section is more after 2:53 - that progression is sweet and the bass too should use it as a hook for a few bars in between the bit's you're singing over. Will upload s'thing in a min...