Better Man Adult Contemporary

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 6mo+29dy ago

A BETTER MAN song lyrics by Joel Sattler when I wake to the day I know she will smile and say "hello babe tell you true I am so in love with you" the thought of her is like a light to make it through the darkest night inspiration motivation she has been my transformation now the world makes sense I can live in present tense able to do all I can able to be all that I am she makes me a better man was a time when I was afraid and a mess of my life I made but she put me back on the track and now I know there's no need for ever looking back when I wake to the dawn I know I can carry on she is there waits for me she is all I really need and my life began when I learned to understand when I learned to understand and she made me a better man ================