Nightmare Indie Rock

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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- jubal
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Creative Brief

Invitation for drums is already sent...aside from that its open to whatever works...this song is spinoff enabled if you want to take it are the lyrics and chords


The tidal wave that swept across the mountains

removing every hill in its way

carved out a giant canyon

and a brand new ocean came and stayed

a continent was wedged from its roots

and slid across the face of mother earth

crashing at top speed with its neighbor

and a million species sank in the dirt



Oh...and then my eyes opened

Oh...the nightmare was over

Oh...I saw the sun rising

walked out on the day, stubbled to my knees, and prayed


A comet twice the size of a planet

came in so fast the watchers didn't see

removed the moon in a millisecond

no residue remained, not a thing

the atmosphere began to unravel

in minutes all the oxygen was gone

things that walk the earth were strangled

only things with gills still remained



Oh...and then my eyes opened

Oh...the nightmare was over

Oh...I saw the sun rising

walked out on the day, almost couldn't stand, and gazed


at all the life around me

each molecule so happy

the air fresh and breezy

my heart feeling dizzy

the sky looking pretty

children giggling

grateful to be alive...



intro/verse 1...E5 (sustain)...C/E   C#m/E   E   E+   E6   D5add#11add13   Bm ...Esus2   Esus2#5   E6sus2   E   E+   E6   E   E+   E6   D5add#11add13   Bm

chorus 1...E   D5add#11add13   C#m7#5 (repeat phrase again) C6add9add14omit3   Bm   B

intro/verse 2...same chords as intro/verse 1

chorus 2...same chords as chorus 1

fade out...E   D   C#m#5   C6sus2...repeat to fade...



Additional Information

Genre Indie Rock BPM 156.0

Collaboration started January 15, 2020 by jubal
Last upload 2mo+22dy ago

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Copyright © 2020 by jubal, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Jan 15, 2020

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jubal Jeff Cozine
Port Richey Florida USA
minime minime c
Dingenskirchen Germany
alyo Alex Zulaika
Donostia Gipuzkoa Spain
KikiR Keith Riley
Loos Nord France