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Push back the sky Uploaded 11mo+2dy ago by Wire-and-Wood

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 11mo+2dy ago

Hi Daniel, Gotta love your tunes.... let me know if you want me to stop! Pushing against the Sky: Viewed as an endless sea One we could never cross Seemed effortlessly a concept we could grasp Something stirred until we aimed for the horizon Now we are stuck between Infinity and desolation Recreate what time erased the lost are all I find Sinking to the safest place Pushing back the sky I could see that we would succeed where others failed But now it's evident There was truth behind those tales I know better but I can't stop pushing forward! So fast, who knew? Contrast, so blue! Sailing full speed toward the edge of the world I'm coming home! I tried, oh, but what's the cost I tried, oh, but all seems lost Pressed against the windowpane It could feel as all in vain Yet, there's some kind of solace knowing that we made a choice Spiraling toward a bitter pill we instead chose for freewill Even when prospects seemed dead Our hope is blue Our failure is red


Dancore   commented 11 months ago

Hey Mike! Sick dude, I love it. I am happy to work with you on any songs!

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danlizhot   commented 11 months ago

Great job Mike !

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 11 months ago

Thanks Dan and Dan!