Run Away Pop/Rock

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Run Away With Silverhealer Bass Uploaded 7mo+21dy ago by silverhealer

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silverhealer   commented 8mo+28dy ago

A nice little idea, enjoyed putting some bass down and managed it quite quickly. Also tweaked the track a bit in mixing terms - plate reverb on guitar and drums, some processing on the master bus.


DanielEssex   commented 7mo+21dy ago

love it now it's sounds complete !

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silverhealer   commented 7mo+21dy ago

Glad you like it. It has a nice feel to it, but I think it needs vocals. A bit of Hammond organ would fit in there well too, as a different texture. I might have a play with that idea. I've just been doing a driving rock mix for someone and I'd enjoy doing something different! I'd be happy to do you a full mix when you have more ingredients.