Baby I lied to you Pascal's arrangement (Scottyv lyrics) Soul

  Spin-off   Spun by Buttercup



Spun Buttercup Baby I lied Pascal 02M Ray v01 Uploaded 1 year ago by Stjray

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Stjray   commented 1 year ago

Baby I lied to you (Pascal 02M) & Ray_v01 Hi, First of all, I'm relatively new here on Kompoz and in this sense, if you have recommendations to suggest to me, please don't hesitate to let me know. Here I used the mix of (Pascal 02M) without making any changes except adding a complementary guitar question to know if it fits well in the whole ... What do you think? Please follow up, Thank you, Ray

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Pascaloubien   commented 12mo+4dy ago

Aa-Uu Ray ! welcome onboard Very nice done, me likey :) When you find time, please upload your sep track thanks !

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Stjray   commented 12mo+3dy ago

Okay Thank you Pascal

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Stjray   commented 12mo+2dy ago

Aa-Uu Pascal! My sep track ...