Miss You (orchestral) Adult Contemporary

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Creative Brief

Can you help?

[Redfish's] daughter Eva is 11 years old and is on the autistic spectrum - she suffers from anxiety and has difficulties knowing how to interact with people socially and make friends - even though she really tries hard - she struggles to 'get it'.

Since she was born she has a passion for dogs. She grew up with a dog called Dudley - they were inseparable. Dudley was her best friend, comforter, playmate, never judging her, accepting her for who she was and was always by her side until when Eva was eight years old, he died. This rocked her world and broke her heart. It's three years on now and she still talks about her fond memories of Dudley.

Eva does have a bit of a talent for music and acting. [Redfish] started to teach her some simple guitar chords.

One day she surprised [Redfish] by saying "do you want to hear my song"? She wrote a beautiful song based on just two simple chords G Major 7th and G6sus4 with a lovely soulful tune and lyrics, expressing how she feels about the loss of Dudley. The [bad quality] recording of it and the lyric sheet/chords are in the files section [the picture is of Dudley and Eva too].

[Redfish] asked Eva if she would let [Redfish] share this with you to see if anyone would like to help make it into a great song.

She is happy for anyone to do what they want with it. Singing, guitar, arrangement, new lyrics.......... etc............

[Redfish thinks] that if the result is good, it might give her a boost in her confidence and encourage her with her songwriting and music.

If you think you can help, please feel free to make any suggestions, contributions or comments

Thank-you so much


I would also be delighted to hand this project over to someone who felt like they would like to manage it or spin off and manage as they wish



Miss you



Chords                        G Major 7th      and      G6sus4



Verse 1


I miss you

with all of my heart


I missed you

from the very start


I don’t know how to explain

All of this emotional pain


All I want to say is ……


Verse 2


I miss you

with all of my heart


I miss you

My heart was in parts


Please don’t get too mad at me

All I wanted to say

is I’m sorry



Chorus/Outro?/ Bridge?


I miss the way you smile


I miss the way you make me laugh


I miss the way you smile


I miss the way you make me laugh


repeat ……...

Additional Information

Genre Adult Contemporary Key Bm BPM 80.0

Collaboration started January 26, 2020 by jjt
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jjt JJ Thiele
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Redfish Tony Gee
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