Project 11 Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by Turbomaus



Project 11 V3 ATL Drums Concept Mix 1 26 20 Uploaded 9mo+7dy ago by ATLdrums

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xterrabill   commented 9mo+4dy ago

cool tune, dig the 70's vibe, reminds me of staring at album covers. :)

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VocalRun   commented 9mo+4dy ago

I have been waiting and waiting on someone to put up some lyrics on this thing. This sounds like Joe Walsh's Funks 48 and 49 with much R*E*S*P*E*C*T. I would think there'd be some Funk 49-ish lyrics rolling around here somewhere. Otherwise, this may be more like a 48 type tune. (Mostly scat). Scat all scat and come up with some words. Give me 2 verses and a ch and make it hot and make the chorus more Coverdale than Walsh-ish. Drop em you guys. Else I'm gonna have to take the writer's credit and do it myself.