Notimetowait Crossover Jazz

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Notimetowait sax mix leonavajo kompoz Uploaded 8mo+17dy ago by DexLoga

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DexLoga   commented 8mo+17dy ago

Very, Very cool track, Congrats!! I added the following 0:31-0:38, 1:11-1:16, 1:30-1:36, 1:45-1:54, 2:16-3:04 Best Regards, Dan R


leonavajo   commented 8mo+16dy ago

Hi Dex and thank you for giving this song a try. There is some really cool stuff in your mix. I wanted to create a new track without any of the sax samples I had in my original version so it doesn't interfere with what your are adding. I loved the fast solos you added I think they contrast the simple guitar grove well. I was wondering if you can do another take on this new version of the track. 0:31-0:38. Since I removed the sax samples maybe we can star this earlier @ 0:29 perhaps? Or maybe replace the samples with a similar grove troughout the song? 1:11-1:16 sounds great 1:45-1:54 can we extend this a little until right before the break @ 2:07 2:16 Love it until 2:27 2:28 like it as well, maybe we can start it right after the small guitar solo @ 2:46? or I can move the guitar solo after as well. I think the sax should be on the front line on it's own. For this section I extended the new track so you have some time to solo before the end. Could you send your tracks separate please so I can add another mix with some acustic drums I think we'll be getting soon? Thanks again, cheers.


DexLoga   commented 8mo+16dy ago

I am happy to follow your instructions!!! If ok, this will take me a little time to ensure I analyze what you want. I should have early next week. Am I correct that you still want me to now upload my Sax Seps I already mixed with your sax samples track? Best Regards, Dan R


leonavajo   commented 8mo+14dy ago

Thank you so much Dex, and thanks for the tracks as well I'm adding them to a new mix. I believe some of the things I was referring to above can be done in editing so if you just want to give it another try with the sax-less track above specifically for the 0:31-0:38 item that'll be great. I think all I was suggesting was that I love what you added and I just thought maybe adding some more in the parts where the old sax-samples were. Cheers.