Notimetowait Crossover Jazz

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NTTW MixwDrumsidea Froz 01 Uploaded 8mo+19dy ago by Froz

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Froz   commented 8mo+19dy ago

Hi Leo. This is a demo where i threw some ideas to get your feedback.This is more a Work in Progress rather than a final take. Please note, the drumless mix had some " vestiges" of the programmed drums here and there so this mix sounds messy at time because of that.Hope you will like it nevertheless. I also uploaded the Drums sep to get your feedback on the drums sound. Frédéric


leonavajo   commented 8mo+18dy ago

Hi Frédéric, thank so much and sorry for leaving the drums in the mix I'think I Your drums sound fantastic. I love love their explosive feel I did not expect that but it certainly works well. I, remixed your track without the leftover drum solos just so we have a record of a clean recording if you want to listen to it is version 2 above. I'll also a a true drumless track for you shortly