Notimetowait Crossover Jazz

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Notimetowait sax mix V2 leonavajo kompoz Uploaded 8mo+18dy ago by DexLoga

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DexLoga   commented 8mo+18dy ago

Leon, I made the changes you suggested. You mentioned maybe to replace the sax sample throughout but with the changes youe suggested I feel it flows much smoother without it. I added 0:29-3:21. I uploaded 2 Sep sax mp3 files. Best Regards, Dan R


leonavajo   commented 8mo+14dy ago

Hey Dex, thanks for the new files. I agree it feels more spontaneous that way as well which is what I wanted since the grove in the background is pretty repetitive. I'm thinking of maybe adding a few more guitar leakes here and there. Just waiting on a new cut of the drums so I can post a new mix. Thanks so much.