Just Around the Corner Jam Bands

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 5mo+9dy ago

JUST AROUND THE CORNER lyrics by Joel Sattler I don't think we're in Kansas anymore we're not in Kansas that's for sure the cyclone must have set us down somewhere far outside of town give me a drink keep it coming round that's what alcohol is for I know we're not in Kansas anymore pay no attention to the man behind the curtain he aint mixing margaritas of that I am certain shake me a martini and put a little dirt in saturday's alright for fightin'get a little hurt in If I only had a brain I would not go insane and maybe I wouldn't even have to try to explain just around the corner is my favorite bar they call it the Quarry House it's not very far it's down underground just beyond the bus yard if you have to be a joker then you gotta play your card just around the corner just around the corner, girl, just around the corner is a whole other world