Dirty Funk Fusion Jam A la Primus, ARU, Zappa a bit of a joke song Fusion

Started by Treid, © All Rights Reserved 2020



DIRTY FUNK Reaper 2020 Uploaded 4mo+17dy ago by endless

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Treid   commented 4mo+17dy ago

Hey Jay, Digging your groove man. Nice and in the pocket. great balance of technical playing and also solid groove. Also your percussion sounds really great too!


endless   commented 4mo+17dy ago

Thanks Tim. I've still got a few more things to add but I thought I would put this up for the time being. To be continued! :)


endless   commented 4mo+16dy ago

Hey Tim, were you going to be adding another one of your fantastic guitar solos between 2:12- 2:44?

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Treid   commented 4mo+16dy ago

No, that space is open for someone to do their best Michael Brecker OR Steve Weingardt impression. Solo 1 Timothy > Solo 2 ????>Solo 3?????