Kelp with Xris (Semi-Ambient Moods) Electronica

Started by Mysterian, © All Rights Reserved 2020



Kelp Master v1 Uploaded 10mo+16dy ago by Mysterian

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Mysterian   commented 10mo+16dy ago

First attempt at a master file... removed some of the echo on Xris 's vox, blended a bit better hopefully. Great to come back to this track a couple of weeks later, easier to make senses of all the seps! comments? If not, we're done! Thanks, everyone!

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minime   commented 10mo+16dy ago

The Mix sounds fine to me Ian ! Good work Sir !

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Mysterian   commented 10mo+16dy ago

Thanks! Check out the spin off, with Jean. Also good, I think!


Xris   commented 10mo+11dy ago

Love it! Thank you so much! Can I add this to my future mini album, that will probably not happen, but I want to add it to my collection of songs. Great job!!! Thank you so much for mixing, I love it!

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Mysterian   commented 10mo+11dy ago

Of course! Credits please :)


Xris   commented 10mo+10dy ago

Will credit like crazy! :)