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Valentine test Uploaded 5mo+4dy ago by Flyerboy737

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bassman78fr   commented 5mo+4dy ago

Congratulations Fredrik on your drums game. Quite the tempo necessary for this piece. Could you upload your "sep" separately to allow a mix with other contributors. Thank you in advance. Phil

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peterrand   commented 5mo+4dy ago

Thanks, and yes please could you upload sep for the full track please? Nice work.

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Flyerboy737   commented 5mo+4dy ago

I will record the rest of the track, if you have any suggestions or pointers of how you want it please let me know, I should have it for in a couple of days.

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Flyerboy737   commented 4mo+20dy ago

Sorry guys. For not finishing this as I promised, I can get right on it tomorrow. Life and work situations are changing rapidly at the moment.

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peterrand   commented 4mo+20dy ago

That's fine - no problem at all.