Cat and Brass Alternative

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MAP 100BPM 4/4

By Andrea Spaziale
5 days ago

0:00:00.000____sync_____________2 measures

0:00:04.800____Intro____________2 measures

0:00:09.600____Intro groove______4 measures

0:00:19.200____Pause___________1 measure

0:00:21.600____Verse 1__________8 measures

0:00:40.800____Stronger Intro_____4 measures

0:00:50.400____Chorus 1_________8 measures

0:01:09.600____Verse 2__________8 measures

0:01:28.800____Bridge___________4 measures

0:01:38.400____Solo??___________8 measures

0:01:57.600____Intro____________2 measures

0:02:02.400____Relax____________4 measures

0:02:12.000____Stronger Bridge____2 measures

0:02:16.800____Relax____________4 measures

0:02:26.400____????_____________2 measures

0:02:31.200____Verse 3___________8 measures

0:02:50.400____Chorus 2_________8 measures

0:03:09.600____Final____________2 measures


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Redfish   commented 4 days ago

I like the groove .... did you have some ideas about the brass?


AndreaSpace   commented 4 days ago

Intro groove_stronger intro_chorus_solo_relax. Here, maybe, the space points for Brass...for me..but.. im open for all good ideas.. often, in developments, the first intention lose value.. thanks


Redfish   commented 4 days ago

Ill wait to see what happens ... but maybe Ill submit something when the main shape is starting to gel