Kaputt ( Work in Progress ) New Acoustic

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Kaputt Mix 5 a Uploaded 4mo+14dy ago by minime

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minime   commented 4mo+14dy ago

Hello :-) a first Mix with all what we have now ! I hope everything sounds okie but typical would be that i need one more try to get things right or a bit better :-) Thank you for listening and the awesome work you all have do !

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ben0   commented 4mo+14dy ago

Sounding good!

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FIGSOUNDS   commented 4mo+14dy ago

Sounds wonderful!

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minime   commented 4mo+13dy ago

Thank you for the friendly feedback ! Will listen this Mix in the next days and then i will try out some things that i may notice and change then ! I hope to find a way to make this sound as good as i can because this Song is really very good - the Reason is - all you people who have work on it ! Yesterday as i have work on it i have make my self a notice that i should do more often start something with just Acoustic Guitar because of all this what has happen after i have post this as a start !

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jimmmmyt   commented 2mo+15dy ago

I went away from this song for quite a while, and what a pleasant surprise it is to listen again still really like it. Terrific job, everyone! :-)

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minime   commented 2mo+14dy ago

Thank you Jimmy !!!

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ben0   commented 2mo+14dy ago