Steady By Jerks (lyrics by Mitchel Miller) Americana

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Steady by Jerks (lyrics by Mitchel Miller) One day you came by to say, man, you sure got it made Next day you came by to say, now I¯m gonna take it all away Left with nothing left to gather and nothing left to gain Asking myself, son, was it really worth all that pain Chorus: But I¯m steady, Ya, steady is who I am I¯m steady, Trying to keep a steady hand I¯m steady That¯s the way life works I¯m steady, Steady by Jerks Now I¯m starin¯ down a long road stretching to the west Just A damn fool chokin¯ on the taste of your bitterness These days my blood runs way too dark and thick From pining way too long for what we could¯ve been Chorus: Bridge: Thought I knew you Thought you knew me too Made plans based on What I thought we knew Only to find out I never really knew you - at all Still trying to do all that the preacher says is right As I crawl hand over hand into the dark of night With my back turned to a harsh northeast wind Knowing¯ it¯s time for me to start it all over again Chorus: (Repeat)

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