Atlantis Rock

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Creative Brief

Slice of prog rock...Wishbone Ash-esque Argus era?

Seps at this location:

Atlantis (Lyrics:PVD/Andy, Music: Andy) (c) 2009,2020
Bpm:75/150 (6/8 rhythm) Intro: Bm/A/Afigure x 4
Through the seas that rage
That reflect the sullen skies
        Em                          Bm
My quest for you has been a long time
            F#m                Bm
How I want for it to end
Looking for the signs
With a pair of longing eyes
Dreaming of you while in sleep and awake
I am ready to descend  ....



I search for you, Atlantis
Where the distant horizons curves
                     C                           G
Where the seas rise up and swallow the sun
            F#m      A        E
As the ocean waves roll
I'll search for you, Atlantis
Until time is finally done
C                            G
To be with you for a life eternal

            F#m    A        Bm
At the deep ocean floor

Guitar Solo1: Bm/A/A figure x 2, Em/Bm/F#m/Bm


The winds carry your whispers
That echo through my ears
Signs of you are found on land and on sea
Your vision before my eyes
I hunger to discover
The long hidden secret of you
To share your fears your smiles and the tears
Unburdened and un-denied

      Em                                                                                          Bm
To me, you were never a myth; you're the one I want to be with
     F#m             Em                                       Bm
Forever, and ever and ever and ever,  I never want to lose the thought of you
Never, lose sight of you

Guitar Solo2
: D/A/Bm x 2//F#m/Em/F#m/Bm


Additional Information

Genre Rock Key Bm/D BPM 150.0

Collaboration started February 15, 2020 by AndyGupta
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Copyright © 2020 by AndyGupta, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Feb 15, 2020

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