Stupid Food Rockabilly

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Invitation for drums is already sent...additional instruments hoped for are in the Help Wanted list...its spinoff enabled if you feel like are the lyrics and chords

Stupid Food


Those in the know, say ya gotta eat right

if ya wanna live a healthy life

eat plenty of salad, drink plenty of water

and you'll stay thin trim and lite

don't forget the kale, and lots of spinach

tofu and some prunes

soymilk smoothies, some brussel sprouts

you'll learn to like it soon

But I like stupid food



Anything smothered in butter and salt

deep fried everything taste like it aught

nacho, pizza, doughnuts and pie

eat what I like, don't ask why

hot wings, ice cream, sugary drink

super sized fries, vanilla moon pies

bacon cheese burger, chocolate cake

why should I change?, for heaven sake

I like stupid food...I like stupid food



Fast food is the life for me

the stuff they show on T.V.

broccoli, zucchini, it ain't for me

want cookie, brownie, cotton candy

fat free, gluten free, cranberry, oh please

take it all away

want taco, burrito, with extra salsa

set it right here, in front of me

I like stupid food...I like stupid food



stupid food, suits me, through and through

it has the power to chase away the blues

everybody knows its true

I like stupid food...I like stupid food

I like stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid food

oh, and those big soft pretzels



intro...F6   E7   A

verse 1...A...boogie along awhile...then F6   E7   D

verse 2...D...boogie along awhile...then F6   E7   A - F6   E7   A

bridge...F#7   B   E7   A   (repeat)...then F6   E7   A - F6   E7   A

finale...F#m7   B   D   B - A   B   D   E7   A - F6   E7   A - F6   E7   A


Additional Information

Genre Rockabilly BPM 164.0

Collaboration started February 15, 2020 by jubal
Last upload 19 days ago

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Copyright © 2020 by jubal, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Feb 15, 2020

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Sound Recording: Equally with other collaborators
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jubal Jeff Cozine
Port Richey Florida USA
alyo Alex Zulaika
Donostia Gipuzkoa Spain
fergusthunderthumbs Russell Edwards
Melbourne Victoria Australia
kman Andreas Thiele
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