The Abyss Stares Back, But Says Nothing Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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Creative Brief

BPM = 80 and 90

Keys = E minor, G, and E

This song is an experiment in writing in the sonata form. Due to that the structure is not a typical verse/chorus type of thing. Typically a Sonata's themes would be melodic, but I suck at melody so I figured I'd focus on chord progressions and rhythmic figures and the vocalist and soloists can worry about the melody. There are 2 themes in the song and 3 sections. The sections are Exposition, Development, and Recapitulation. 

The layout looks like this:

  Key Timing Notes
Theme 1 E minor 0:00 -> 1:00  
Transition E minor 1:00 -> 1:50  
Theme 2 G major 1:50 -> 2:39  
A bunch of stuff E minor 2:39 -> 5:57 Tony has written some great orchestral type stuff over this section and it builds into a crescendo. It would be perfect for a long winded solo. 
Theme 1  E minor 5:57 -> 6:55  
Transition E minor 6:55 -> 7:34  
Theme 2 E minor 7:34 -> end The progression from Theme 2 in G major has been modulated into E minor. 

Note, I will try and keep the timings current. Currently using this file

One thing to note about the Themes is that they all have the pattern of a chord progression, then a 3 chord detour, then the chord progression again. For instance Theme 1 plays the progression Em -> G -> Am -> G -> Bm -> G -> B once, and then it plays Em -> Am -> G, and then it plays Em -> G -> Am -> G -> Bm -> G -> B again. See the notes below, the chords in inside the parenthesis are the detours. 

This structure presents a challenge for a lyricist as there is no verse chorus structure. Only one part (Theme 1) is repeated in the whole song. So the lyrics would have to, I think, be more linear. It could be a story told in four parts. 


D       E       F#      G       A       B       C
B       C       D       E       F#      G       A   
G       A       B       C       D       E       F#  
E       F#      G       A       B       C       D   
i       iid     III     iv      v       VI      VII

    Theme 1     Em
        Em -> G -> Am -> G   -> Bm   ->  G    -> B         (Em -> Am -> G)
        i     III  iv    III    VII  ->  III  -> v          i  -> iv -> III

        Em -> D7
        i  -> VII7
    Theme 2     G
        G  ->  F#d   ->  Bm    -> C    ->   Em   ->  C  ->  D      (G  -> Bm  -> D)
        I  ->  viid  ->  iii   -> IV   ->   vi  ->  IV ->  V       I  -> iii -> V

    Twist the themes by change keys and interleaving them. Dark and dramatic

    Theme 1     Em
    Theme 2     Em ( this is Theme 2 modulated to Em)
        Em     D         G        Am        C7       Am     Bm       Em    G      B
        I  ->  viid  ->  iii   -> IV   ->   vi  ->  IV ->  V       (I  -> iii -> V)

    End with perfect cadence

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Genre Prog-Rock/Art Rock

Collaboration started February 17, 2020 by rhythmicdevil
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