Kelp with Jean Lazarou Electronica

  Spin-off   Spun by Mysterian

This collaboration is finished, and not accepting any further uploads.


Kelp with Jean Lazarou Master 1 Uploaded 4 months ago by Mysterian

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Mysterian   commented 4 months ago

First attempt at a master... removed some of the echo on the vocals and re-balanced a little. Normally I mess around with vocals a lot, filters, EQ, etc, but these ones came in perfect "straight out of the can". Any comments? if not, we're done! Thanks! This version is much emptier than the one with Xris, and feels very different to me.


lazaroujean   commented 4 months ago

I only heard it once, but it sounds very nice. Jean


lazaroujean   commented 4 months ago

I had a chance to listen on another equipment. It really sounds well. Thanks.

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Mysterian   commented 3mo+29dy ago

Glad you like. This can be the master then. Thank you, everyone, for helping breathe life into this song.


Rolf   commented 3mo+26dy ago

Nice, 20 minutes work at a guess? Let's have a remix next week