Good Woman Classic Rock

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UnaHm GoodWoman Drums idea stereo mix sep Uploaded 6mo+5dy ago by unaHm

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AviRosenfeld   commented 6mo+4dy ago

Thanks Dan, this is very cool! I really like it. At 2:25-2:52 , something doesn't work well there, need work better with the guitar. Also maybe the sound there the snare can be bit different? or maybe I'm missing the bass guitar sound. Thanks


unaHm   commented 6mo+4dy ago

Thanks for the feedback Avi! I think I understand. Would you rather that I play a groove on the hihat rather than the ride cymbal? I I think it's smoothing over the Guitar and Bass parts at that point.

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AviRosenfeld   commented 6mo+4dy ago

Not sure ... I usually don't like open HiHat sound, I always prefer "closed" HiHat sound because it makes it more kinda like a Studio sound for me. BTW will you record the bass again , it had some issue, I wrote in the bass page :)