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bass take Uploaded 5mo+13dy ago by jammingcory

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jubal   commented 5mo+13dy ago

cool bassline!...thanks for joining in on this song...hope you had fun with it...I have an invite out for drums, and then we'll see what happens next...Rock On jammingcory !


jammingcory   commented 5mo+13dy ago

just trying to have fun.. I'd like to hear how other bassers approach this to, if any come out


jammingcory   commented 5mo+7dy ago

hey jubal , I was thinking of doing an alternative mix of this song for fun, adding my own experimental guitar and keys to your tracks along with Alyo's drums.. there are many different ways to do a track

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jubal   commented 5mo+7dy ago

go ahead and have fun with it Cory...I just uploaded a mix experiment...I'm a terrible engineer, but I had fun anyway : )